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  • JUST SMILE - Wedding DJ & Entertainment

    Choosing the right DJ for your Wedding...

    by JUST SMILE - Wedding DJ & Entertainment -

    You could spend thousands of pounds choosing the right venue, finding a stunning dress, ensuring the food is delicious, selecting stunning floral creations, but unless you do the same with you entertainment, you could end up with your reception being a beautifully decorated, stunning looking flop!

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  • Brides-2-B

    Tips for dressing on your wedding day

    by Brides-2-B -

    Tip 1: After you have a shower, use a good quality high factor sunscreen and rub it into your skin.

    You never know what the weather might be like!… There is nothing worse than burning whilst you stand out in the sun to have your photographs taken!

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  • Pho2u!

    Wedding Photography

    by Pho2u! -

    If you do like your photo being taken then some staged shots of the bride and groom will be on the agenda for instance, however, a lot of brides are not comfortable with their photo being take, for these brides, then I would offer reportage styled photography (this means that the photographer will follow the bride and groom capturing those special moments without being in immediate presence).

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